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Month: December 2017

Happy New Year 2018 

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** Dear All!!
NCHR wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2018!!

Today is the last day for the NCHR executive team and Board Members for the Tenure 2016-2017.
At the end of every tenure NCHR requests the community to participate as members to the Board and the Executive Committee by nominating themselves or someone they choose to fill the vacant positions for the next two years, through the Election Commissioner.An email was sent earlier by NCHR to that effect. I as well as some other members of the outgoing team are hoping that there are new and dynamic members of the community that will come forth to continue making NCHR more successful.
From what I know, we have yet to receive nominations. If there are no members for the vacancies, NCHR will collapse and our common thread of unity in diversity and our identity as a community will vanish. I hope you will consider giving some of your valuable time and energy to maintain the structure of this organization.
Once again, NCHR wishes you a great year ahead. I hope our community will prosper further.

Thank you,
Radha K C
Editor in Chief, Sangaalo
Outgoing Chair, Public Relations and Networking

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NCHR Election Window: 12/9/2017 To 12/24/2017

Dear Community Members:

The two-year term of NCHR Executive Committee and the Board Members is
ending on December 31, 2017. So, NCHR is hosting an election for the
formation of new Executive Committee and Board of Directors for 2018-2019.

NCHR would like to request all the interested community members to submit
nominations for any of the following positions to serve in the new

Positions for nominations are as follows:

Chair – Public Relations
Chair – Planning
Chair – Administration
Chair – Treasury
Chair – Art and Culture
Chair – IT
Board of Directors (5 positions)

Please submit your nomination to NCHR Election Commissioner Mr. Janardan
Mishara at his email (* <>*).
Nomination submission period is between 12/09/2017 (Saturday) and
12/24/2017 (Sunday). Note: you can nominate yourself or someone can
nominate for you.

NCHR encourages all our community members to come forward and participate
in buidling strong committee, which can push NCHR to the new height.

NCHR Admin

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